2019, 29’24’’, documentary

The story about two windsurfers and their unconventional way to draw attention to the issue of plastic pollution in the sea. Doing such a windsurfing challenge for the first time ever, they spent in the water 3 days to pass the 300-km distance from the northernmost to the southernmost points of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.


STOIL DIMITROV and BORISLAV KAMILOV from Beardfrost Productions made The Lost Winter, Lodge, Lunch Time. They specialise in filming extreme sports and directing documentaries.


Festivals & Awards: Sofia Biting Docs 2019


Script: Marina Zheleva

Director: Stoil Dimitrov, Borislav Kamilov

Cinematography: Stoil Dimitrov, Borislav Kamilov

Artist: Ivaylo Totev, Yana Kazakova

Production: Remove Remove Productions Ltd., Beardfrost Productions Ltd. – Atanas Kutsev, Iliana Stoilova

Supported by Kaufland Bulgaria, Impress Ltd

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