2019, 56’, documentary

A poem by talented Bulgarian poet, Danila Stoyanova, who died at 23, is engraved on an outdoor mural in the Dutch city of Leiden alongside works by some of the world’s greatest poets. 35 years later, her friends reflect on the meaning of their lives in a dialogue between their memories of Danila and her philosophical poems.


RALITSA DIMITROVA (b. 1962) graduated in Film Directing from the State University of Cinematography (VGIK), Moscow; worked for Vreme Studio and BNT; wrote and directed more than 100 documentaries, children’s films, spots, music videos, etc. She has participated and earned distinctions at festivals in Armenia, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Kosovo, Greece, Russia and USA. Her He, Who Travels Alone (2012) received Best Documentary Director Award of the Bulgarian Film Academy.


Festivals & Awards:

Winner at the fourth season of LIAFF, India; Special Mention for particular author’s point of view, ProFest FF, Serbia; Pelopónnisos IDF 2020, Greece.

Script: Ralitza Dimitrova

Director: Ralitza Dimitrova

Cinematography: Plamen Gerasimov

Production: B Plus Film Ltd – Plamen Gerasimov

Coproduction: Peak Audio Ltd

Supported by Culture Programme of Sodia Municipality

Contact: +359 88 8723416