2019, 42’39’’, animation

A young man, utterly devoid of any musical ability, is forced to participate in a music competition, with the prize being the hand of his beloved. The result comes as a surprise to everyone.


SOTIR GELEV (b. 1960) is an artist/writer of comics/TV and film director/producer. In 1982, his animated film The Chicken was selected for Berlinale 1984 and won Golden Dove in Leipzig.


Script: Sotir Gelev

Director: Sotir Gelev

Animation: Blagoi Dimitrov, Sotir Gelev, Penko Gelev

Music: Roumen Boyadjieff Jr

Production: Four Hands Ltd. – Penko Gelev, Sotir Gelev

Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center

Contact: +359 29890098, +359 889622141,