2018, 5’20’’, animation

This new episode of Uncle Parrot’s Rhymes is a funny and poetic trip to India. A little girl invites the waning Moon to dinner. After the abundant meal, the full Moon must resume his journey across the night sky…


ANNA HARALAMPIEVA is a freelance layout and storyboard artist and director. A graduate of Experimental High School of Arts; specialised in animation at Sofia Animated Films Studio. Her debut film The Tenth Circle received Golden Rhyton Debut Award, 1998; Golden Mikeldy 1998, Bilbao, Why is Heaven so High? (2003); Uncle Parrot’s Rhymes: Japan (2008); Existentia (2013), The Sibyls’ Brawl (2016. Golden Knight. third place, Russia, 2000, 2017).


Festivals & Awards:

WFAF Varna 2019

Script: Tsvetomira Nikolova

Director: Anna Haralampieva

Cinematography: Natalia Gyurova

Animation: Verginia Ivanova

Music: Plamen Tsvetanov

Production: VizAr production – Natalia Gyurova

Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center

Contact: +359 886 526 265, natalia.gyurova@gmail.com