2018, 7’12’’, animation

The solution is in its conclusion, the perpetual Circle of Life. Eternal stalking and hitting. Yet it takes an Artist to arrange Nature’s harmony.


Velislav Kazakov studied Animation Directing at NATFA, Sofia, in the classes of Prof. Todor Dinov. In 1983, he made his popular animated short Cuckoo. In 1991–1992 worked in London on Richard Williams’ The Thief and the Cobbler, in Montreal on TV sows, shorts and two feature films. He has made over 30 animated shorts as a director and production designer.


Festivals & Awards:

Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers Award, WFAF 2018, Varna, Bulgaria

Script: Slav Bakalov

Director: Velislav Kazakov

Animation: Velislav Kazakov

Animators: Nastimir Tzatchev, Evgenia Radoeva, Dineta Saramova, Hristo Ibrishimov, Polly Vyrbanova

Music: Konstantin Tsekov

Production: Nagual – Nastimir Tzatchev

Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center

Contact: +359 878925233,