2019, 88’, documentary debut

The documentary tells the stories of the heroic people who rescued Bulgaria’s Jews in WW2 and gave a chance to the next generations. This is not a historical movie, but rather the emotional stories of descendants of the survivors looking for their forgotten family roots and their Bulgarian saviours.


NIYA ALEKSANDROVA (b. 1979) is writer/director of a weekly Documentary TV Series on bTV and Art Traffic, a daily TV series on Pro BG; writer of the feature The Kid (2014) and Red Gold (2013).


AYELET HELLER is an Israeli director/producer of Addicted to Black (1995), The Pyongyang Concert (2013) and Kurt Masur: Adventures in Listening (2008).


Script: Niya Aleksandrova

Director: Niya Aleksandrova, Ayelet Heller

Cinematography: Ivan Kitanov, Tanya Aizikovich

Music: Emilian Gatzov

Production: Dreams Industry (Bulgaria), T.T.V. Productions (Israel), Influx Media Group (Bulgaria) – Dimitar Gotchev, Zafrir Kochanovski, Yaacov Djerassi

Supported by Plovdiv 2019 Foundation, Channel 8, Israel

Contact: +359 882 212 340,,