2019, 6’14’’, animation debut

A fun-filled adventure short that follows the story of Lola, Maddie and Honey, three best friends. The twist comes when they use their combined imagination to transform themselves into a mighty warrior, a powerful mage and a skilful hunter.


MARIA PETEVA has a MA in Computer Animation from NBU; presently, she is a doctoral student at NBU. The Girls from Willow Street is her directorial debut.


Festivals & Awards:

WFAF 2019, Varna; IFAF Animánie 2019, Pilsen

Script: Lilly Nikolova

Director: Maria Peteva

Animation: Maria Peteva

Music: Silvia Stefanova

Production: Zographic films – Lachezar Velinov

Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center

Contact: +359 24438000,,