2018, 8’, animation

A film about the crushing power of everyday life inevitably devouring all dreams, talent, faith and eternal love, a life, which amounts to the death of an artist.


Dimitar Dimitrov studied Animation Directing at NATFA, Sofia, in the classes of Prof. Donyo Donev. Director/production designer/animator/editor/writer/sound designer of 14 short and medium-length animated films selected at over 350 international festivals and receiving more than 50 awards. Member of the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers and Bulgarian Association of Independent Artists and Animators.


Festivals & Awards:

Best Animated Film in up-to-ten minutes category, Golden Kuker 2019; Best Animated Film, Super 9, Portugal, Best Animated Film, Dublin Smartphone 2019 FF


Script: Dilyan Elenkov

Director: Dimitar Dimitrov

Animation: Dimitar Dimitrov

Music: Samuel Pocreau

Production: Metamorfoza-N

Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center

Contact: + 359 885691710, animiter@gmail.com