2019, 4’5’’, animation debut

A film based on the poem Existential by Anamaria Koeva, where the sea becomes a scene of love stories between mortal and mythological creatures, between freedom and captivity.


NATALIA ATANASOVA graduated with distinction in Animation Directing from NBU. Her graduation films have been screed at several international film festivals. She worked as a freelance illustrator, animator and director on several productions, including Puk by A. Koulev, Anna Blume by V. Dantcheva and Arteida’s New Life by T. Nikolova.


Festivals & Awards:

In the Palace ISFF 2019, Balchik; CinEast FF 2019, Luxembourg; CineLibri 2019, Sofia

Script: Natalia Atanasova, based on the poem Existential by Anamaria Koeva

Director: Natalia Atanasova

Animation: Natalia Atanasova

Music: Alexander Evtimov

V.O.: Ina Gerginova

Production: Compote Collective Ltd – Vessela Dantcheva

Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center

Contact: vessela@compote-collective.com, www.compote-collective.com